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Artist: Finn Neil
Song Title: Rest Of The Day Off
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Totally wired and the game is up
Im under the table
You carry my heart in the palm of your hand
As the clouds roll in
the party was rained out
Open up to find a man made home
And by four oclock when the sun came out
We were beside ourselves
Taking the rest of the day off
Lying out the back
Slung in a hammock
Gathering reams of space and time
Two eyes that surrender
The call might come
Fire my anger and spoil the whole thing
Its not much fun when the pressures on
And your luck has gone
But you squeeze my hand
Were taking the rest of the day off
We like to climb the rock
Before we have lunch
And well turn our backs on the whole damn bunch

You find the answer walking the dog
Down the south of Piha
its over and done
Not a lot to say when the man calls up
The line goes dead and youre yesterdays news
I couldnt care less now Im here with you
Were the only ones left and were flat on our backs
Taking the rest of the day off
And you find it dont add up to much
When youre wrapped in a blanket of stars
With the one you love
Like two shiny dogs
With the one you love

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