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Artist: Fist Raised
Fist Raised Author
Album: Watch Your Step (2001)
Fist Raised - Watch Your Step Album
Song Title: Give Yourself a Chance
Genre: Rock
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Everything you say is not true
but we believe in what you say
no one expect you to be wrong
or at least to lie although
you're using it just to be a little
bit harder than the rest what
do you want from me I'm
playing hardcore is that so
fucking hard for you to see is
this your new idea that
everybody should be like hell
to be you stand there like a
softboy and you smileis it just
something that I've imagined
or is it for real our souls are
like two different files but there
is something you should
remember you're not keeping
your friends like that
chorus: why can't you give
yourself a chance
why can't you proove that
you're a man
why are you lying with precission is it
so hard to
make a decission my anger
towards you is strong I want to
proove that you are wrong with
just this song to treat people
bad is not my thing among us
we stick together just to keep
inside of the ring
what do you...
give yourself a chance

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