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Artist: Fitzgerald Ella
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Song Title: Of Thee I Sing
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From the island of manhattan to the coast of gold

From north to south, from east to west

You are the love, I love the best

Youre the dreamboat in the sweetest story ever told

A dream I sought, both night and day

For years through all, the u.s.a.

The star I hitched my wagon to

Is very obviously you

Of thee I sing, baby

Summer, autumn, winter, spring, baby.

Youre my silver lining,

Youre my sky of blue

Theres a lovelight shining

Just because of you.

Of thee I sing, baby,

You have got that certain thing, baby

Shining star and inspiration

Worthy of a mighty nation,

Of thee I sing.

<musical interlude>

Of thee I sing, baby,

You have got that certain thing, baby

Shining star and inspiration

Worthy of a mighty nation,

Of thee I sing.

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