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Artist: Fitzgerald Ella
Fitzgerald Ella Author
Album: The Rodgers and Hart Songbook CD1 CD1 (1956)
Fitzgerald Ella - The Rodgers and Hart Songbook  CD1 CD1 Album
Song Title: You Took Advantage Of Me
Genre: Jazz
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Im a sentimental sap, thats all

Whats the use of trying not to fall?

I have no will, youve made your kill

cause you took advantage of me!

Im just like an apple on a bough

And youre gonna shake me down somehow

So, whats the use,

Youve cooked my goose

cause you took advantage of me!

Im so hot and bothered that I dont

Know my elbow from my ear

I suffer something awful each time you go

And much worse when youre near

Here I am with all my bridges burned

Just a babe in arms where

Youre concerned

So lock the doors and call me yours

cause you took advantage of me.

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