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Artist: Frehley Ace
Song Title: Rip It Out
Genre: Rock
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Now I know, you've been cheatin' and lyin' all the time
I didn't know you were gonna be so unkind
I've been trying just to find out how we went wrong
But I know that I can't trust you girl anymore
Rip it out, take my heart, you wanted it from the start
You got it now, so goodbye, so rip it out, watch me cry

It's so sad, I'm not glad to be with you today
And it's bad, 'cos I can't stop the pain day by day
If I knew how to stop you, I don't think I'd try
I think it's better if we just part and don't say goodbye


I hope you suffer!

chorus repeats 2x

Rip it out (repeats out)

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