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Artist: Fun Factory
Fun Factory Author
Album: Nonstop! The Album (1994)
Fun Factory - Nonstop! The Album Album
Song Title: Love Of My Life
Genre: Dance
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Music: Cottura/Kesselbauer
Lyrics: Aris/Browarczyk/Cottura/Hardison

oh let me tell you that I love you so
I don't know what to do I lose control
yo! let me tell you you're the love of my life
and say oh oh yeah

listen to me girl oh come on
listen to me girl listen to me girl
and let me rock your world
we wanna be with you no matter what you do
me talking about you all night long
and me hope not a fool
so come on listen to the voice
listen to the beat
listen to the man to the man Smooth T.
listen to me once
now listen to me twice
oh girl I love you oh God you're so nice
oh come on


little girly don't you know I love you so
the way you walk
the way you dance
it makes me loco for you
and the things you do
got to get close to you
that's what I wanna do
I wanna take you in my arms
and love you all my nights
not just for one
but all my nights
what you are to me my little girl
don't you know it completes
my whole damn world

oh baby can't you see that you're
the only one for me
I want to hold you close and show you
how it's gonna be
so come on come on please come on come on
step to me tell me what you want
and I give you what you need
pretty lovely lady uh you drive me crazy
pretty lovely girl let me rock your world
so come on please be a part on me
and I'll promise you that we'll make history

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