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Artist: G. Love And Special Sauce
G. Love And Special Sauce Author
Album: The Electric Mile (2001)
G. Love And Special Sauce - The Electric Mile Album
Song Title: 100 Magic Rings
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let me tell you about this girl
the way I feel, it's the real deal
and as a matter of course
i'm not lost in love
i'm not falling in love, rather i'm standing
she's not demanding
she acts like a woman
and lets me be a man
I must be in love 'cause that's how I feel
butterflies in my stomach when
you whisper in my ear
my life's been a rollercoaster up and down
could it be I found the one that makes my heart sing
pound for pound.
Boom Boom she knocked me out like mancino
I rubbed the bottle and I found my genie

a hundred magic rings
a hundred magic rings
A hundred magic rings
she make me feel like I am wearing
about a hundred magic rings

i'm swearing my love to you
and if that is a sin father forgive me what I do
you see in life the games people play
mind games, injustice everyday
i'm so glad I found the one
to take me away from the world when my day is done
my fantasy is my reality that's how it's gonna be
she makes me fly so free that's my philosophy
everlasting love for everlasting G

a hundred magic rings
a hundred magic rings
a hundred magic rings
she make me feel like I am wearing
about a hundred magic rings

a hundred magic rings

I want to tell her all the thoughts
that are running in my head
somtimes she's running about a step ahead
meaning love is universal this love is not blind
she knows what I am thinking 'cause
she can read my mindits time to stop fooling around
'cauase when she calls me by name
that's a beautiful sound
she lets me know that I still got game
my friends don't understand how I feel
but I love her just the same and i'm not ashamed
to be graced by her presence
you see I praise her
I praise her like I praise the heavens

a hundred magic rings
a hundred magic rings
a hundred magic rings
she make me feel like I am wearing
about a hundred magic rings

a hundred magic rings

oh babe I love you so
never never never want to let you go

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