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Artist: G. Love And Special Sauce
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Song Title: No Turnin Back
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She was just 19 years old
When she left her home
The morning desert sun was at her back
She knew right then
There would be no truning back
Leaving home was the best thought that she had
But now in a parking lot in washington
She asked to herself what had she done
Earth mother bear and eagle was on the run
Two more nights till colorado
And the scene was done
And if flying back home
Was as easy as the run
She realized the there?d be no turning back
Where will you take me?
What will we do?
Where will you take me?
What will we do?
Then a man drove off in a bright white cadillac
She got in that ride and she never came back
She knows what she needs
She said it feels so good to me
She knows what she needs
She said it feels so good to me
Ain?t no turning back

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