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Artist: G Warren
Song Title: Regulate
Genre: Hip-Hop
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It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
Warren G. is on the streets, trying to consume
some skirts for the eve, so i can get some funk
just rollin' in my ride, chillin all alone

Just hit the eatside of the L.B.C.
on a mission trying to find Mr. Warren G.
Seen a car full of skirts ain't no need to tweak
all you skirts know what's up with 213

So I hooks a left on the 21 to Lewis
some brothas shootin dice so i said "let's do this"
I jumped out the ride, and said"what's up?"
some brothas pulled some gats so i said "i'm stuck"

Since these girls peepin me i'ma glide and swerve
these hookers lookin so hard they straight hit the curb
gonna think of better things than some horny tricks
i see my homey and some suckers all in his mix

I'm gettin jacked, I'm breakin myself
I can't believe they're taking Warren's wealth
they took my rings, they took my rolex
I looked at the brothas and said "damn, what's next?"

They got my homey hemmed up and they all around
ain't none of them seeing if they going straight pound for pound
I gotta come up real quick before they start to clown
i besta pull out my strap and lay them busters down

They got guns to my head
I think I'm going down
I can't believe this happened in my home town
If I had wings I could fly
let me contemplate
I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate

Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole
Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold
now they droppin and yellin
it's a tad bit late
Nate Dogg and Warren G. had to regulate

I laid all them busters down
I let my gat explode
now I'm switching my mind back into freak mode
if you want skirts step back and observe
I just left a gang of those over there on the curb

now Nate got the freaks
and that's a known fact
before i got jacked I was on the same track
back up back up cuz it's on
N-A-T-E and me
the Warren to the G

Just like I thought
they were in the same spot
in need of some desperate help
the Nate Dogg and the G-child
were in need of something else
one of them dames was sexy as hell
I said "ooh i like your style"
she said "my car's broke down and you seem real nice,"
"would you let me ride?"
I got a car full of girls and it's going real swell
the next stop is the east side motel

I'm tweaking
onto a whole new level
stpe to this
I dare ya
on a whole new level
the rythmn is the base and the base is the treble
we brings
where rythmn is life
and life is rythmn
If you know like I know
you don't wanna step to this
it's the G-Funk era
funked out with a gangster twist
if you smoke like I smoke
then you high like everyday
and if your ass is a buster
213 will regulate

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