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Artist: G Warren
Song Title: This D.J.
Genre: Hip-Hop
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Intro/chorus: warren g

Its kind of easy when youre listening to the g-dub sound

Pioneer speakers bumpin as I smoke on a pound

I got the sound fo yo ass and its easy to see

*singing* that this d.j. be warren g

Verse one: warren g

Can I get in where I fit in?sit in, listen (uh-huh)

Let me conversate better yet regulate

Shake the spot with my knot, may fade

Cause I dont like to dream about gettin paid

I played ball through the halls, of c-i-s

With snoop doggs big brother, call him dirty left

Rack em up crack em up stack em up against the gate

The homies tryin ta catch me but they caint, wait

Damn, the street lights just came on!

And my mommas in the streets tellin me to come home

I hit the gate and I hops on my schwinn

And I tell the homies, "aight then," yeah

Chorus 2x

Verse two: warren g

Verse two, (uh-huh), now what the fuck I do?

Catch the bus to cal state, or chill with the voltron crew

And make a few ends on the side

Here comes a baby blue van, time to ride

So I hops in the van with my nigga tick

And baby poppa back then, that was my click

We groovin to santa anna

And we plan-on, makin hellafied mount of money (hell yeah)

And what I did for extra fees

Was break niggaz after work playin get like me

I was fourteen years old, havin a sack

Just a young motherfucker eatin valupaks

Shootin dice in the corners of the public schools

And I used to gangbang, but now its a g thang

And I still know how to make those ends

You dont believe me, go ask the twinz motherfucker

Chorus 2x

Outro: o.g.l.b.

Yeah, check dis out, this is Im o.g.l.b.

Knowhatimsayin?Im on my little o.g. warren g

And he just droppin this to let you bgs know

Whats happen, yall got to recognize

Cause this is yknow a long beach thang

21st street, but check this out

G gonna go out there, yaknowhatimsayin?

And handle that shit ynow?yeah

Chorus 2x

(hey greg, I hope you was tapin that shit!)

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