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Artist: Gandharvas
Song Title: A Quick Feel
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Some are gonna make it look easy - say moderation is the key
Moderation in the heart of excess - as long as you got the money
Some are gonna be just a cog in the machine
Some claim there's no cause higher than me
Some people, sweetheart, they're gonna play you for a fool
Gonna wait 'til you turn your back before they're cruel
Time to put it together - turn yourself back around
Give it right back to em - don't stop honey
Don't let them break you down
Some are gonna be slaves to their appetite
Some are gonna get depressed for success (don't they look nice)
Some are gonna get lost in the fog of the past
Some are gonna emerge from themselves at last
Some are gonna wanna just bind you up and never let go
Some are gonna wanna structure the universe to fit their ego
Some are gonna come off the charging like a bull
Some just want to smear themselves across something beautiful
Some say there's no ground left to stand on
That we are moving in the midst of an empty sea
Gotta jump ship in the middle of the ocean
Gotta jump ship lookin' - find some new security.

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