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Artist: Gang Bloodhound
Gang Bloodhound Author
Album: Use Your Fingers (1995)
Gang Bloodhound - Use Your Fingers Album
Song Title: She Aint Got No Legs
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The first time I saw you darling I knew I was in love
Tell her Daddy
The way you took your wheelchair up that handicap ramp
Mmm, it's a mind blower
But now baby I miss ya I miss ya
I miss all the times we played Marco Polo in the pool
Oh yeah
Hide and go seek beneath the sheets
Oh yeah
And just the smell of the oil in your wheelchair
I remember the day I saw you hobbling
A Weeble Wobbling you had a problem
You didn't have any legs just a smile and some stumps
No smelly feet a torso to hump
No baby love yeah that's what we'd be making
Ride you like a Sit and Spin until your stumps started aching
Spin you around yeah roll you near yeah
Turn you upside down to hold my beer

You ain't got no legs but I love you just the same oh baby
You ain't got no legs but I love you just the same

They say nothing beats a great pair of legs but somehow
Baby the day you walked out of my life there's nothing
I wanted more than, than for you to come crawling back to me
When we started going together people said they couldn't believe it
That I could be so happy with a quadriplegic
We would wake up real early and you could make me some eggs mmm
Girl I didn't care if you ain't got no legs
I loved you for you and you loved me for me oh yeah
Wasn't really hard for those more fortunate to see
That the first time we made love it was such a wonderful feeling
The way the suspension wires held you 'cross the ceiling
When you rolled out of my life
My heart just broke
I can still hear the noise of the squeaks in your spokes

You ain't got no legs but I love you just the same oh baby
You ain't got no legs but I love you just the same

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