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Artist: Gaye Marvin
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Song Title: Feel All My Love Inside
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Now We're makin' love

Now We're makin' love

Now We're makin' love

Where'd you get such sweet sugar

I'll be lovin' you day and night

In and out, wrong or right

'Cause I want you, baby , for my wife

Oh girl, you're so divine

You're everything I've ever wanted

You're everything that's on my mind

Is it real

That we're makin' love

That we're makin' love

That we're makin' love

Oh my my my my my

Keep right on kissing me

When I'm kissing you

I know you know

What this is leading to

You know real soon, baby

I'll be stroking you in and out

Up and down, all around

I love to hear you make those sound

I'm gonna be lovin' you in and out

Up and down, all around

'Cause I love to hear you

Make those sounds

I'm gonna be stroking you in and out

Up and down, all around

I love to hear you, baby

Make those sounds

I'm taking you hear and there

And all around the world

I love you hear you, girl

Make those sounds

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