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Artist: G-Dep
Song Title: B.R.
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Black rob, BR
Black rob, BR

I am about to set the record straight (the world's famous)
Its 99 man time to let them know man

Verse One:
Yo aiyo yo yo
Its kill or be killed
My skillz leavin them chilled on ice
Like twice when I flash my steel
They can't touch
Won't touch
Never touch
Driving around with the toastly whip, never bust
Puffin dust like fiends
I mean I want green ya shifty
Cop the big eight fifty with the gleam
My team
Full of cut throats with enough notes to write a fuckin book
Take a good fucking look at these bad guys
Stay madd fly, madd high
In the ford expidie and I don't expect to die
On some humble shit
I am on some rumble shit
When it's on you should see the shit I come through with
If you scared by dog release the four by fours
I heard the fagot ass Don died and he shit in his draws
On the streets black good like allstate ya all fake
Just got paid but fuck it I want some more cake
Ya faith, in my hand
Now ya nervous man and drive my brains quick fast at ya service
My brother Curtis squezze gats to celliums
I make it where you can't escape the parra bedlums
I tell some, live ya life like Puff did
I did enough biz ask any body I am rough kid

Black Rob We Are
Black Rob uh-uh
Black Rob We Are
Black Rob uh-uh
Black Rob We Are
Black Rob uh-uh
Black Rob We Are
Black Rob

Verse Two: G-Dep
Yo, yo
I put a finger in the air
For the hearing impaired
If you're hearin this fear
Than your hearing it cleared
Man I fuck with bod, got put on the job
Don't question it to stars, I'ma put'em in saw
Straight gate -ac

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