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Artist: General Surgery
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Song Title: Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion
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Mummified sinew resists

To the point of exasperation

A lengthy submersion seems quite apt

Inadequate tools have this solution begat

A preparatory soak is required

To achieve the result I desire

Sulphuric acid in excess

In this cocktail your corpse needs to rest

Fermented hulks

Disjoined with ease

Mucilaginous limbs

Dislocated as I please

Await the appropriate time

To dispose of the corrosive sludge

Environmental crime

Added to my misconducts

The resilience of the tissue

Now virtually non-existent

The corpse itself a free-flowing mass

The bones, themselves liquescent

Fermented hulks

Disjoined with ease

Mucilaginous limbs

Are uncomplicatedly freed

The problematics involved

Take on a different guise

Protective clothing and facial masks

I stress are of great importance

Pondering this method

I reminisce of Haigh

I spare a thought for his inherent genius

As at the remains I effortlessly hack away.

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