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Artist: Gentry Bobbie
Gentry Bobbie Author
Song Title: Bugs
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Got a pollywog in your water

Tadpole in the moonshine vat

An' granddaddy-long-leg climbing on the screen

You better watch, you're gonna squash him flat

Boll weevils in your cotton

And dirt-dauber busy building a nest

The red wasp's gonna swoop down and get ya child

Won't give you a minutes rest

(she's talkin 'bout)

Bugs! Everywhere you look there's another kind of bug

Makes you want to get a club and clout'em

Yes everybody's talking bout the worrysome bugs

But ain't nobody doing nothing about 'em

Shooing the flies away from the table

Hiding under the quilting bed

The chiggers running wild in the blackberry bush

Yellow jackets swarmin' round your head

They're coming to get your watermelon

Black ants marching in a long line

They're lurking in the leaves of the strawberry patch

And climbing up the tomato vine

(she gonna tell you about)


Bugs! Everywhere you look there's another type of bug

But if ya live in the delta ya got 'em

Here's a sure fire way to pass the time of day

Fold you up a newspaper and swat 'em

Hey look its me with the DDT

Umm hmm, umm hmm

Aint they a mess, them worrysome pests

Umm hmm, umm umm hmm

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