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Artist: Geto Boys
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Song Title: Cereal Killer
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Once upon a time at the Honeycomb hideout
Sugarbear and Mikey sat alone gettin fried out
Lucky walked in with this nigga name Rice Grain
Pulled out a knot and conjured up a dice game
Lucky looked at Mikey and he said with a smile
Where's the silly rabbit I ain't seen him in a while
Mikey turned around and shook his head cause he ain't know
Probably trickin with this bitch from Rocky Road name Cheerio
I'm trippin off this shit cauuse I ain't never seen it right
I'm feelin kind of leary cause I'm higher than a kite
The pipe has really got me on this other level
Its time to mark a murder
My victim's Fruity Pebbles
I'm killin any motherfucker jumpin in my mix
I'm out to get you Pebbles, heard the bitch was turnin tricks
I'm packin up my shit
I'm longin for some???
Up ain't this a bitch Face is on his way to Bedrock
Shortly after gettin their I met up with this crook
Nearly cuttin the bitch in haly like some Shredded Mini Wheats
I'm makin my escape
Sneakin out the back
Fuck I'm being spotted by some fag name Apple Jacks
I put it on his ass so he couldn't come back to key me
Bleedin like a heart, I guess he must have ate his Wheaties
He used to kiss dicks with his partner Special K
I never had respect for homosexuals anyway
I'm on my way to Houston
Played it safe I road the ferry
And ran across this motherfuckin cop name Frank in Berry
He starin at a nigga had the looks as if he know me
He asked about the bear
I said yeah, the bear's my homey
The shit was kind of shady I was nervous from the jump
Arrivin at the docks got the word from Captain Crunch
Arrested for a murder, so now I'm thinkin shit
I didn't know that Captain Crunch was Cookoo for this bitch
My trial came up and now I'm thinkin
The dried up situation needs a little bit of milk
I had a half a gallo and ?? a nigga bought it
Reached and grabbed my spoon and made a motherfuckin run for it
I ate them up and washed them down with Miller
Mr. Scarface aka the cereal killer

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