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Artist: Geto Boys
Geto Boys Author
Album: Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly (1998)
Geto Boys - Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly Album
Song Title: I Dont Fuck With You
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featuring DMG Gotti Outlawz

[Willie D]
Flip flop ass Niggas
Ah Yeah
Geto Boys and Outlawz
Recognize the mob Nigga
I don't Fuck with you
So put your hands on me
Yeah best said by homeboy Willie D
Triple cross to Mexico
[Willie D]
I don't fuck with you
That's some smooth hidin'
lowdown dirty motherfuckers
that you thought was cool
Do you know me
[Willie D]
I don't fuck with you
I know what's happenin' with that
All the hoes
Let me take y'all Niggas back to this incident

Verse 1:
[Gotti of Fifth Ward Circle (FWC)]
Nigga you full of shit
Bitch now what is this, trick
Some new shit
Straight from yo hottub piss
Nigga I don't do it
Fuck around here with you
Oh, I smell puke, do
That's on you, true
You hit's 'em hard dog
And ho went hard, thought
You betray hard, lord
You straight fraud, brought
Now on means, things stay out my face
You oughta play, like outta space
This niggas foul, runnin' off at the mouth
He talkin' loud, all of infront the crowd
[Willie D]
Dog, I knew this Nigga, what
We used to roll, roll
I saved his life, right
But he was shot at, trife
He burned his greed, deep
I spit his wig, shit
He met the gravedigger
Cause I'm the realest Nigga

[DMG of FaceMob]
You Niggas came here ridin' through
(I don't fuck with you)
Heard the lavish thing we do
(I don't fuck with you)
Shook a finger to my crew
(We don't fuck with you)
For suck a dick until you blew,
cause we don't fuck with you
Hey bitch, you like the things we do
(I don't fuck with you)

Scared if I hit you, you might sue
(I don't fuck with you)
You swear you gang can bang a new
(I don't fuck with you)
But best keep doin' the shit we do,
cause we don't fuck with you

Verse 2:
[E.D.I of the Outlawz]
Now everytime is see you ass
I see the bitch in your eyes
And what a lie
Ain't no surprise
Now you fuck with that sign
It's a cold thing,
you got the game fuck up
Brown nose and every other nigga rich,
like a broke bitch
Excuse me miss, yeah you
You need to sit with me piss
I'ma get rich,
while you stuck in that fuck shit
Thug shit is what claim and bang
And never change
While you change
Suckin' and fuckin' for everyday

Verse 3:
[Napolean of the Outlawz]
Yeah, I see some Niggas come and go
With a fifth of Hennesy to show
When we toss hoes, we share hoes
And Niggas be frontin where the clothes go
What you spinnin' like Young Po
You hang around with the studio time
But Nigga, what the fuck is you here fo'
Can you listen, please
So you got your Glock, laid squeeze
Try like I could fuck with you
Or I have to bomb on you
Put it with your punk-ass
No heart, no light, no bitch and no care
You some Bad Boy killers
When we see y'all Niggas snatch cash


Verse 4:
[Young Noble of the Outlawz]
These Billy-teen-ass Niggas,
Pullin'-scheme-ass Niggas
Fiend-ass Niggas,
Shootin'-dream-ass Niggas
I mean, why anybody sound like Pac nowadays
But switch it up, be on way
Y'all gay-assed on anything
Stay tuned to the saga
Drama bring Karma, Karma bring charges
Whipin' y'all
Completely all the job did
Darkness, fuck y'all shit
Cause we the hardest
Nasty new street regardless
So ease out you nuggets, faget

Verse 5:
[Kastro of the Outlawz]
Beg down, I truck a young bug
Don't get it fucked up
Hit the strip, get a grip Nigga
And blow some shit up
Talk fast and all ass, Nigga
You ain't got no nuts
Don't trick yourself out your life
You need to hide in the cup
What's up
Come on holla at your boy, real quick
I swallow hard times,
and make it come out when I piss
Nigga pop pass the Mack and I ain't black
Picture that
The same Nigga that'll die for you
When you fall get your back
It's me, drunk as can be,
in your bitch ass
Singin' ?Stagalee?
Worry free on your bitch ass
Blast back, ask that,
snap back like some whiplash
Young cash is black packed
Slap your rap with a big guess


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