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Artist: Geto Boys
Geto Boys Author
Album: Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly (1998)
Geto Boys - Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly Album
Song Title: Retaliation
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Suicide, it's a suicide...

Retaliation is a must
Leavin' opposition in the dust
In mob we trust, fuckin' with us gon' get your bust
It's a - suicide, it's a suicide
You will die, nigga, you will die
Just like your homeboy did
When we teed off on him
And since you want drama, we fend the weed off the corner
And when I ride
All these niggas better ride
So if you hoes got pride
Then bring your asses outside
And let me say your bad side
But don't you never let me see you sweat
I'm leaving motherfuckers silhouettes - wet
And you can take that as a treath
But I'ma make the promise
These nigga here is comin'
Sick enough to let to make a maggot vomit
With the intentions to retaliate
Illuminatin', then evacuate
Fuck the tear drops on the casket tops
Just open up with shots from the plastic glock
That leave your ass get got
It's all about gettin' even
Get them muthafuckas when you see 'em
Stop em from breathin

Look at all the heat that you're facing
15 niggas agg in your living room waiting
Passin out shit, bags
Click clacks - toe tags
We came and we kicked that ass
Who run this? Double-O-Seven
Out of 17 and guaranteed to get eleven
I guess you think you're safe
Sorry that you did it
Hoe, it's too late
Bitch, you shouldn'ta did it
One by one niggas get they ass done
Pussy make me laugh, nigga, money make me come
Nigga set for life
All on this in pay-per-view
?Callin? shots make you call yo' whole fuckin' crew
We gotcha

I ain't playin with this one, pass the pistol
Warriors come out the play when we whistle
What's that sound? Is that them - in the background?
I let the Mac clown and shut this whole set down
Rap-A-Lot Mafia's murderous circle
We kill em done, go get your guns
None survive when I scream the die-die
It's the mister from the free time the dum-dum
Retaliation is a must
Who in the fuck gave you muthafuckas the nuts
To try to buck
Wanna bust? Nigga what?!
It's dust to dust
Ashes to ashes, in the back is where the pistols pump
I lift em up, gives a fuck
I'm quick to bust
Hit 'em up, get 'em up
Once I send 'em up
Now ??? get enough of my gangsta stuff
Retaliation is a muthafuckin' must

I stumbled out the club ????
Drunk as fuck
And plus my visions is blurry
My face swoll' the fuck up
Clothes all muddy
It was buddy
From last week who I got into that argument
With - came back with his click
Muthafuckas in some deep shit
And so they asses got to pay
Make my way to a pay phone and hit J.
"Hey, I just got jumped on
I'm over here at ???
It's the mob that ?? to the brain to the Gathor
A few minutes later
I saw the muthafuckin' Hummer
Here comes Big Chief
Mac-11, ready to bomb a
Cock suckers
??? niggas
Was gonna touch 'em
Muthafuck' the law
They ass went up, my nigga bust 'em
This is my biz
Kill 'em all
Don't leave no witness
Make you muthafuckas wishin' you wouldn'ta you done this
Handle your business
You violated my probation
Had to fry they ass like bacon
For fuckin' with me: retaliation!

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