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Artist: Geto Boys
Geto Boys Author
Album: Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly (1998)
Geto Boys - Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly Album
Song Title: Thugg Niggaz
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[ INTRO: Willie D ]
Thugg niggaz
Callin all thugg niggaz
(Callin all thugg niggaz)
This shit is for y'all
Just like Geto Boys
(Geto Boooys!)
I know y'all niggas gon' feel this shit right here
We're goin through the same thing

[ VERSE 1: Willie D ]
Weapons bein loaded and cocked, bodies drop
Ghetto niggas, they hang on the corner sellin rocks
Fuck the cops, they brutalize the poverty-stricken
Institutional racism prevalent in prisons
Quick decisions are made with precisions of blood-spill
Gotta make a mill, got a house on the hill
Protect my grill, and avoid gettin killed
Now if I land on the concrete with bloody pants
Lord please, give your homeboy a second chance
Baby need a new pair of shoes, and a college fund
My P.O. wanna know how I got a gun
I'm in the presence of my enemies like in the bible
Will I see heaven if I murder these fuckin rivals?
I'm havin nightmares of niggas' final cries
If I die today, will I be idolized?
I gives a fuck, if you dwell from the East to West
As long as you feel the south, nigga, you can bet
I got...

[ CHORUS: Doracell ]
Nothin but that gangsta shit to my thugs
Puffin on a gang of shit smokin luv
Niggas gangbang and shit, rub-a-dub
No matter what you claim and shit, throw it up (2x)

[ VERSE 2: Doracell ]
Lord, see me, to the last year, my islamic roots
Forgive me what I past did, hustlin for loot
Pass the casket, lookin at my friend in basket
Touch him with my lips, feelin like he blasted
I never seen a man cry
But my lifestyle is fear, sittin around watchin muthafuckas die
The faces of death
Who coulda predicted 2Pac would be next?
Read ghetto text: if you live by the sword
Or speak about it too much, you gon' die by the sword
So think about it, do us an injustice, you know time flies
Life, I can't trust it, so I stay high
Six-time felony, no one can handle me
I'm constantly fuckin up my family
To the moms a casualty, I got love
But this a little gangsta shit, to my thugs


[ VERSE 3: DMG ]
I be a muthafuckin thug till the day I die
Called in this world to be a rider, so I'm ridin high
My blood-shot eyes coincide with my frame of mind
Forever mobbin with my niggas from offa both sides
It's G.B. family, fuck y'all bitch-mades
We in the game to run the whole thang
Return and leave from A to Z
Bonafied thug in my blood, part of the ghetto
Niggas runnin when I'm up in meadow
I'm black devil with the shovel when I'm near, nigga
Don't fear, nigga, this is war in yo ear, nigga
Right here, nigga, real niggas
Representin thugs, we all action
We body-baggin (body-baggin) and toe-taggin
Your reaction is flatline, no pulse
Straight killers, thugg niggaz with no heart

[ Willie D ]
And that's how that shit go, nigga
We ain't gon' never stop doin this shit
I know them muthafuckas can't stand it
When them goddamn geto boys come hot
Cause we gotta represent niggas all over the muthafuckin world
We got Geto Boys all over the world
And that's why we always break shit down
To the muthafuckin smallest compound
Nigga, you fuck with us
You hoes'll get mugged, drugged
We ain't havin no muthafuckas down in the fuckin front row
Gettin kisses and hugs
Nigga, that's how we doin that shit
Down South, muthafucka

[ VERSE 4 Scarface ]
Get em up, nigga, buck-buck, represent yo shit
Smokin weed got you fucked up, now you niggas hit
Fuck with me, nigga, what's up talkin all that shit
Now we face to face, muthafucka, who you with?
Ain't nobody got your back now, you in trouble
Oh, he know how to act now, huh? We in double
Always sickin out and stomp out, nigga gettin nervous
And that stutterin in your voice, pal, that's gon' get your service
Ain't no muthafuckin game, nigga, disrespect
Remember the next time that bullshit gon' get you x-ed
Do yo thang, but don't you ever trick
Don't you ever switch, if you get caught, then don't you ever snitch
If you do, you'se a bitch, full of shit
Lots of holes in ya
Pop a hole in a hoe nigga


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