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Artist: Geto Boys
Geto Boys Author
Album: Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly (1998)
Geto Boys - Da Good Da Bad and Da Ugly Album
Song Title: Why U Playin
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[ INTRO: Scarface ]
Ain't no sense in you bullshittin
What the fuck is you sayin?
You know the way that we do niggas
So what the fuck is you playin? (2x)

[ VERSE 1: Scarface ]
Get yo hands up, you see this nigga on a come-up
Walk into this bitch with a gun up in your sto-mach
Now point me to the nigga with the seven figures sittin
Assumin that nobody can hit him, I've come to get him
I'm starvin, it's 3 o'clock in the mornin
Wakin you up out your sleep without a warnin
Good morning, I come to get you for your digits
Oh, see this forty cal in my hand, she finna get it
Nobody speakin, don't blink, I probably think somebody reachin
You make a move, I leave your body leakin all weekend
Take me to the safe, and I can get you for your bucks
Or I can shoot this muthafucka up, I don't give a fuck
You make the call for all of y'all
You can use your brains to think with, or I can leave em hangin on the wall
What you do when a nigga come through with game too
Strictly for the nigga with scrilla and name you
A pastor will introduce you to this casket
Bullshittin me gon' get you blasted

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]
We got the powers that move niggas
What the fuck is you sayin?
You know the way that we do niggas
So what the fuck is you playin?
We got the powers that move niggas
What the fuck is you sayin?

[ VERSE 2: Willie D ]
Nigga, I be crunk-crunk when it jump-jump
Leavin muthafuckas slump-slump
In a trunk-trunk, I pump-pump
Bullets into the flesh and leave you naked
Stop prayin for this muthafucka, he ain't gon' make it
You have to take it straight to his muthafuckin dome
If anybody come lookin for him, tell him he gone
Can't you see his muthafuckin eyes jumpin around
Can't you see his muthafuckin thighs humpin the ground
It's goin down, when times are hard I feel like this
Before I starve I'ma kill me a bitch
Shit, I want that muthafuckin dope and the cash
And I can take it out your pockets or your ass
Don't make me blast
The last way you wanna see me is disgruntled
Cause I shoot you in your muthafuckin face and leave you horizontal
My .45 signfies who's boss
You play with me, I have your ass startin the news off
Close your fuckin mouth and keep your dicksuckers tight as a gurtle
Don't turn this robbery into a murder
Unless you tired of livin, put your possession in my custody
My finger's itchy, don't you fuck with me

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]

[ VERSE 3: Doracell ]
Wake your ass up and shove, nigga, good morning
Oh, what it's all about, Doracell is in your home and
The pistol's in your mouth, nigga, and it's on and
I represent that South, nigga, I bring it on and
Muthafucka, make this shit a simple situation, give me the loot
??? your baby and that bitch, I'ma shoot, and that's the truth
My pistol piece up against the wig
I ain'ts to be up in this bitch for long, nigga, you dig?
You baby-sit? Nigga, I don't give a fuck
A nigga fresh out of prison, down on my luck
What's up, cold steel touchin on your dome
Excellent chrome about to roam through your home
Break yourself and I'm gone, it's all about the cheddar
Nigga, ain't no sense in frontin, fool's livin better
Nigga, plus I'm bigger, G.B.'s in this bitch
Know what I'm sayin? I'm the muthafuckin man

[ CHORUS: Scarface ]

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