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Artist: Geto Boys
Geto Boys Author
Song Title: Yes Yes YAll (Video Edit)
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Give it up for the original, it's H-Town's finest
The GB, the general, the street hits, the timers
Straight up, we criminals, see we keep it grimy
You suckaz chemicals, the seeds got you blinded
I'm the original, the author of this G-hit
You punks is pitiful, cause y'all be on some weakness
Me I'm a brotha from the gutter I'm a hustler
If rap wasn't payin I'd hit the street...

[Willie D]
It's Willie D y'all, it's been a minute y'all
I'm still in it y'all, ---- the critics y'all
Some of y'all make me hotter than tabasco
Play with my money I'ma kick you in your ---hole
I see the videos, I read the magazines
Don't watch award shows, ain't nothin' but a scheme
I'm a machine, got a ---- in my loose fist
I'll leave you twisted on the ---- in your boots

[Bushwick Bill]
Well this is Chuck Dawg (will you ever love another trick?)
---- nah! (What's your position on a snitch homey?)
---- laws! (They say the Beatles was the biggest)
I'll ---- Paul, and the rest of y'all!
I'm the little big man with the big one swangin
Stuff still hangin, got chickens singin the blues
Geto Boys in the game still bangin
And ain't nothin' changin (uh-uh) ain't nothin' changin
Don't like punks, hate politicians
Can't stand snitches, know the Feds listen
So I, send the whole world a ---- you note
Schumaker's got a desk job, guess who don't (Aww nah!)

[Chorus 2X: Geto Boys]
I keeps it real with it, to the hill with it
You gotta deal with it, cause you can still get it
And every morning when I get up I know this won't change
I'm gettin money out these six mo' thangs

[Willie D]
I run circles around foes and cross 'em out like tic-tac-toe
Money money money gotta get that dough
I'm a Northside rider, ---- slappin these ------
Fall into the club and chickens eyes get wider
I like the way she look up in that liberty skirt
But 95% of the game is brainwork
I might buy a couple of drinks, and ----- at her -----
If she ain't talkin 'bout ----- I'ma get on dawg

Now gimme five or six chickens I'ma ---- ----- -----
Cook it up in momma kitchen, let me get mo' serve
If a sucka catch me slippin I'ma get that nerd
Can't let you get away with that, that just won't work
I wear a white t-shirt, white sneakers and hat
Somethin cool on my wrist, a nice piece to match
Hoppin out of somethin foreign like the beast I snatch
I don't do a lot of fashion papi, I'm just Brad
It's like that y'all (that y'all) this y'all (this y'all)
I like a skinny trick, I like the big broad

[Bushwick Bill]
It's like this y'all (this y'all) that y'all (that y'all)
I like to stand and --- it from the ---- y'all
I ain't the cutest brotha rappin but I still got chose
Snatch the baddest piece up in the club with one eye closed
R. Kelly that's my homey so I like girls young
18 or 23, black and white, girls ---
Little Richard like the singer, ---- for short but Bill
Short mon from Jamaica, Brooklyn the real
5th Ward my second home, now I'm back to strike
Rap-A-Lot, street music, Geto Boys for life


Whassup - whassup, whassup, whassup?
Whassup, whassup, whassup?
Whassup, whassup, whassup?
Whassup, whassup?
Whassup, whassup, whassup?
Whassup, whassup..

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