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Artist: Ghetto Commission
Song Title: Lost Thugs
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f/ C-Murder

[C-Murder talking]

All I can do is sympathize for the blind & pray for the weak

Bossalinie & the Ghetto Commission

Representin' every ghetto, inner city in the nation

Chorus [C-Murder]

Reminiscin' bout my lost thugs

(Some niggas die on the battlefield)

Reminiscin' bout my lost thugs

(Some soldiers die that's hard to kill)

Reminiscin' bout my lost thugs

(Damn I thought this nigga would never die)

Reminiscin' bout my lost thugs

(Genocide we're killin' up our own kind)


Some niggas wanna kill me

Some niggas they gonna hate me

They wanna see me fall why can't these niggas congradulate me

I'm just a rider

Tryna maintain in a world full of hatred

An greed & betrayal

Watch yo enemies

Don't be deceived

by these imitations of smiles turned to frowns in the end

Then it's to late to retaliate on your foes

welcome to heavens doe's

Kevin Miller tatted on my arm cause all I'm left wit is a picture

Still can't believe they hit cha' nigga

An can't wait til' I'm wit cha'

In the murda cap. I sympatize with every lost soul in the ghetto

Of over crowded cemetaries

Damn this world is hella scary

An I'm trippin' on how Lance died

An my tears still ain't never dried

Makes me wanna commit suicide to get away from these tryin' times

So much pain got me sufferin', contemplatin' evil thoughts

An conversatin' with the devil cause my soul done been bought

An I'm caught between murda one & distribution of drugs

Or death

But I'm reminiscin' bout my lost thugs with my last breath



So much drama in my city so I'm countin' my blessin's

I thank the lord for every hour, every minute, every second

Now I know I done alotta wrong & I know one day it would come back on me

But I shoulda known not to keep my lil' brotha so close to me

It was this nigga I jacked along time ago for a quarter ki

Shoulda been knocked his head off & the situation wouldn't be

I let him slide

But he didn't let my brotha slide when he drove by

I lost half of myself when younger brotha died

You know what my reaction was

Go spill that mothafucka blood

Caught him slippin' in front the club

Then proceeded to fill his ass wit slugs

This is for my fallen soldier

My fuckin' brotha

Reminiscin' over you cause I'm gonna always love ya



I'm reminiscin' on my lost thug hopin' you restin' up above

An if you hear me, feel me from me to you dawg it ain't nothin' but love

No explanation needed I know you didn't want to be here no mo'

It was like you were puttin' a pistol to your own head

How you was on that dope

You was bored with life I could tell by the stupid things you would do

Make the spot hot by killin' a nigga just to see the shit on the news

You was Lucifer suduced when you let loose as if killin' wasn't real

Pull the trigga then grin

Just so a nigga could see the shine on your grill

You was a could blooded killa but you was my ace

my dawg, my round

Ain't a nigga that could take your place

Me & you have a bond that could never break

to my big brotha til' we meet in that restin' place

(I'm keepin' it real)


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