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Artist: Ghetto Concept
Song Title: BET
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f/ Black Rose Kartel

[Nikki Bonds - Black Rose Kartel]

Yeah, yo, '98 bitch, '99 to 2G, Rose Cartel

Brownsville to Canada, Toronto, Ghetto Concept

Nicky Bonds, Don Baracus, Daddy Rose, bitch

We independent in this shit!

Yo, livin the fast life, had two whips and crashed twice

Got so many hoes, probably was a pimp in my past life

Shake and crash dice, starin at a glass with ice

Bountiful to the Grain, so my tongue is legit'

What's up? I ain't came home, already thuggin again

When we in to build, who said that sellin drugs is a sin?

When we in the club, bitches straight lovin my man

Left hand weave, right hand huggin the chick

This rap shit, we got it macked down

I wouldn't settle it twice, this nigga said I cracked out

I blacked out, fuck around and back my mack out

Cuz I'm about that Jerry Stackhouse

I seen shermheads pass out, smokin that butta

While we's pumpin out the crack house

Wild cousin sickly, heard he tried to touch Nicky

Didn't know I stepped it up to fully auto' macks cuz they bust quickly

Roll a dutch quickly, get pissy and puff with Missy

Suckin me off just to show how much she missed me

This Rose shit is veteran, got these faggot rap cats feelin delicate


[Chorus: Baracus]

From Brownsville to Toronto

Undercover officers jumpin out of Caravans and Corsicas

Pop the pistols, ready to go to war with us


From Brownsville to Toronto...

[Kwajo - Ghetto Concept]

For the pit of Cold North, we connect like cas-techs

Pierce your mentalstate, wait, wheel off that casket

Megawatts rock concrete blocks, live from Shock

G.C., Rose Fam got your city on lock

In every nation, the target is submergin like Apocalypse

You got glocks and clips, we got extra clips, sink your ship

What the fuck? Murderers collide well pronto

From Toronto to Brooklyn Streets, it's all peace

The G-O-D, we top biller, 7 biller

48 track serial killer, for real-a, countin mucho skrilla

Associates in harmonic, we sip tonic

We stay on it like a praying mantis, civilize the savages

Bombin this til there's nothin left, take your last breath

We be risin from the North, hot sex in the West

Double bulletproof vest, Concept snap that neck

Break bread with the elite, respect the intellect

Chorus 2X

[Baracus - Black Rose Kartel]

From Brownville to Toronto...

Comin straight out of Brownsville

A crazy mothafuckin name Baracus

America's nightmare, we hold cops hostage

Our music off the meat rack, we cause riots

We off the hook, we leave promoters shook

We tear the club down

I got bangers, enough colts throwin it down

Hittin switches, bouncin around

From a town, where 2-5's and 4-pounds kill, old dirty Brownsville

In a kitchen with Ishmail, cockin the fish scale

Thugs stompin on the streets like Muslims in Israel

Don Baracus, a name they gave me in the ghetto

The way I blow my chrome metal

If I die, put on my casket, black rose petals

Drivin by yellin "Fuck the Police!", lookin for trouble

Bag 'em at 12 by 12 so our cash can double

Dice games, drop C's and G's on it

We like the pies, yo lots of cheese on it

50/50 cut when it's time to break the cake off

Act funny style, son my dogs'll tear your face off

From Brownville to Toronto...

[Daddy Rose - Black Rose Kartel/The Maccabees]

Yeah, nigga

Gangsta blood, been mackin thanks to blood

Violate man, shittit and we shank you cous'

Move in the night, like the moon in the skies

Plastic banger, look like a spoon in disguise

Ghetto struggler, looked at me sideways and my troup 4-5ed

Had him leakin from his juggler

This was real, when we hit him, yea you know we slug it up

Cock back that 4-5 and we double up

I got my chrome, where your's at? Nigga, where yo' boys at?

Who you beefin to? We rip you, you better pause that

You woke up 4:00 in the mornin sayin "Daddy, where my draws at?"

Negative, definative G, I exhault that

Stroll by from a drive-by, spectator hollerin, nigga yea you saw that

We all that, ain't nothin to fuck with, homie fall back

[Dolo - Ghetto Concept]

Ain't nothin sweet, brush your teeth, bury your reef'

Black handkerchief, dirty glove, rusty burgundy

Murder your murder fleet, Michee Mee

North American street with the Brooklyn Iron Shieks

Chancelor chief handlin heat

Handle lugers, pistol grippers, cold cookie chippers

Brought up in the age of strippers, lime sniffers

Cristy sippers, whipped in the defended pippers

Unload the clip and crabs get thick up

Bad time nigga and your case of malt liquor

A life time of pain and misery before the Black Rose delivered me

No more individually, we one eye

Full swarm, crime affilation, brought togther for the assassination

of the Sons of Satan, fuck waitin

[Saulhaudin - Black Rose Kartel/The Maccabees]

Never sleepin, keep my gun out, come out creapin with scripts

Got that Brownsville shit and if anybody get it

Raised by the drug addicts, hold automatics, commited

to my ghetto where cops are found with their throats slitted

Dope scripts, my hood is where the shit don't slip

My chrome hits with stomachs from New York to Quebec

Set trip mine, detect tech-nine

Zippin up body bags, clippin up, spittin out slugs in these streets

My thugs in the streets, no more sheit, bring it to a task force

of police, no hold, black swarms be bangin my 'ville


From Brownsville to Toronto...

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