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Artist: Ghetto Concept
Song Title: Rest In Peace
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[Intro: Kwajo Cinqo]
All my peoples...
One love...

[Ray Smoove]
Remember back in the days
One man chased round the way
Used to do runs for them bigger cats for chump change
Now times change
Who woulda knew
How we grew
To become them same thugs on the avenue
Now I'm talking to your spirit
Wondering if you hear it
Problem you seeing my presence in a minute
You gone but we still living
Still strong and wishing you were hear to see it
We clicked not even death can part it
My people asking where my heart is
I left it with you
Now I'm heartless, and moving heartless
You dearly departed never forgotten
You taught us about street life, that's why we still chopping
Thats why we still poppin them collars
Fiendin for dollars
Until it's my momma that hollas
That sad song
It's been mad long
Hoping that life prolongs
But when the breath is gone, then the breath is gone

Staring at the walls in this room
Knowing that you left the world far to soon
And it ain't fair, no, and it ain't right
I tip my drink and shed a tear tonight (shed a tear tonight)
To anyone who's lost someone
This goes out to you knowing that the time will come
Where ever you are whatever history
To those gone before us rest in peace

[Angel Duss]
Poor a little henny for my dead people resting in peace
Got real G's dying in a fleets
It's the code of the streets where your life ain't guaranteed
I'm tired of hearing my brother's dying every week (Oh lord, oh no)
This petty beef ain't worth it
They got kids knowing it just ain't worth it (ain't worth it)
Doing life bids locked up with no purpose to live
My man Big's got two in his head
Now little Reg the same since he's on his death bed
Memories of the past days
The good ol days
When gats used to blow at your rivals not your homies (Shed a tear tonight)


Picture every single day living in my hood
Thugs up to no good (no good)
We all grew up as one blood
Too many filled up with slugs
Streets got no love (no love, no love)
I been to more funerals this year, threw dirt
Remember when we used to play in the dirt
Now I'm throwing dirt, on a golden casket
I seen my fate, at the open casket
I've seen thugs cry, when you got blasted
6 O'clock news, front page plastered
Now all we got is memories
While I'm wishing you was right here
We used to wear the same gear
Now I'm shedding tears
I see you when I get there
Look against the concrete
But your spirit is here
Strait from the heart you'll forever be a part
Of these dogs from the hood, and that's only a part


[Kwajo Cinqo]
A love like no other, like the love for a brother
Like the love that you show one another
I would give my life
People re-embrace the seeds of mother
And I still see a resemblance of her
Do you remember the timing
I would change the four dogs on assignment
Four bricks, one block, all fiends in the lobby
When the epidemic hit and the city was silent
How we made the most noise when they hit our apartment
Then school for the reefer and jewels, then sneak into flicks
Anything for them chips, we would settle with fists
See I was young and hard headed, never settled for ish
Till the last breath left your lips
I had to settle with the fact you were one with the ground
Most times I took you for the reasons I frowned
See yo seeds is my seeds, and the future ain't sound
Till we make a difference this time around
So live through me


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