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Artist: Ghetto Mafia
Song Title: Uncut
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verse 1: Nino)
You got beef then let it cook
I can't keep count of all the lives all of us took
See I'm addicted to the bottle
Fuck a role model
Nobody knows all the trauma I done 'n did
Thought I was dead but still nobody cared
Nobody cared
For them sacs I had to leave what I had
14 walkin' with clothes in a garbage bag
Mom's on the rag
Talkin to dummies stuff actin' tough
Sometimes I wanted to call the bluff
Packed it up
Now I'm livin' day to day
Nowhere to stay I'm just livin' in the counterweight(?)
See I'm trapped in hell
Without a phone
Stuck here burnin'
Without a home
See my homeboys moms start trippin'
Put me out
Now its back to park benches
You know we itchin' cause itchin's from the streets
Eatin' anything givin' a fuck where we fightin
I can't help but remember
Damn I froze to death last December
Ain't packin a pistol
So I'm powerless
My babies momma says she cared when is she lovin' this?
I gotta break free
Cause they ain't no free break
Everything I got I had to fuckin' take
The devil playin games with my vision
I can't see shit for ghetto livin'
Cocaine tec-9s and stankin' bitches
Break paint, Impalas, and hit the switches
I got a hero
But it ain't Uncle Sam
It's Big J from Birmingham
A real nigga
Picked me up an said "Fuck it"
Kicked me down I had my cradle said "Fuck it"
New gear
New bucket
Charlene Santina
Yeah I stuck it
See I'm gonna rob that hog(?) so let me rob then
It's better than homeless under federal pen(?)
Come on in I'm gonna show my life to all y'all bitches
Show you how I went from rags to riches
No better my life this shit is real G
I don't give a fuck to y'all niggas don't believe me
Kiss my ass and take this tec-9
Cause bitch I'm a killer in my own rhyme
One licked ham(?) can signal forty thousand
There's one to wear to a house
It's me
Nino from Decatum
Droppin' traps and gangsta haters
You can catch me in the Dec slingin' powder
You can catch me at 'Sims on a high tower
It's funny when I think though
I was broke as shit just a month ago

Ghetto Mafia uncut
Real niggas and we don't give a fuck
You wan't trauma?
We in the Dec
But I'll tell ya
You can get killed in the Dec


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