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Song Title: Love & Emotion
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There's nowhere to run from the heat of the sun
There's nowhere to hide from your face
Black is the night, won't you show me the light
The road only leads to one place

For your love and emotion
I promise you love till I die
Faith as deep as the ocean
Keeps me believin' you're alive

There's nowhere to run from the things that we've done
There's nowhere to hide from the truth
Something is wrong when my woman is gone
My world ain't no good without you

For your love and affection
I give you my soul for all time
Faith as high as a mountain
Keeps me believin' you're mine


For your love and emotion
I promise you love till I die
Faith as deep as the ocean
Keeps me believin' you're alive

Oh (for your love and emotion), oh
Oh (for your love and emotion), oh

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