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Artist: Gino Vannelli
Gino Vannelli Author
Album: Yonder Tree (1998)
Gino Vannelli - Yonder Tree Album
Song Title: Moon Over Madness
Genre: Rock
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There she lies, a vision in the dark
Invader of my heart
Look at me, behaving like a fool possessed
Damned if I'll be doomed
By this woman 'neath the moon over madness

Shall I kiss the mouth, stroke the hair
Undress her - do I dare
Or bite into the vein above her heaving breast
Ah, the sun best come up soon
There's no telling with the moon over madness

And when I see her face
The tuft of hair beneath the lace
I feel the fire of mortal men
As she draws a languorous breath
So full of life, so close to death
I'm filled with wild revenge

Shall I tear into her skin
Let the beast inside me win
I'm so uncertain
Or shall I fight my heart no more
Ease my lover to the floor
And loose my burden

What I'd give to know just what I am
A monster or a man
An angel born of Hell, or simply human flesh
One of which is in this room
Wondering 'neath the mood over madness

Shall I tear into her skin
Let the beast inside me win
I'm so uncertain
Or shall I end this lonely war
Ease my lover to the floor
And loose my burden

Woman won't you hold me in your arms
Before you come to harm
And take this tender love and drive it through my chest
Stike hard, do it soon
There's no telling with the moon over madness

My madness
Over you

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