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Artist: Glover Dana
Song Title: Falling Into Love
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Hold on my heart
Remember what you've been through
Be still my song
and let yourself be renewed

You've been here before
So tell me what i must do
Don't lose your way
'Cause i'm following after you

and it feels like im falling into lullaby
Can't believe what i feel like
Falling into love
I'm falling into love

Why do I smile when there's no one else around
These butterflies well they can't seem to settle down

Feels like I'm falling into lullaby
Can't believe what I feel like
Falling into love

OO it feels like I'm falling for the first time
I can't believe that its real life
I'm falling into love
O I'm falling in to love

If I am dreaming please let me never awake
la la la la

and it feels like im falling into lullaby
Can't believe what i feel like
I'm falling into love
ooo It feels like i'm falling for the first time
I can't believe this love is real
I'm falling into love
I'm falling into love yea
Falling into love
Falling in falling in falling in
I'm falling into love

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