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Artist: Graham Parker
Graham Parker Author
Song Title: Long Stem Rose
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Pre>e c#m f#m b

My long stem rose wont sit on the mantelpiece

E c#m f#m b

Shes not disposed to being one of a dozen shes

E a

A living thing thats bound to get tired

B e a c#m

She wont be content just being admired funny thats the way it goes

C#m b e

When youre like a long stem rose

My long stem rose were you cut down in your prime

My love still grows for the flower I call mine

Are you doomed to die after the spring time

Have I just become a thorn in your side

Funny thats the way it goes when you love a long stem rose

Strings over verse

My long stem rose I know you wont last too long

Youll shed your clothes your petals fall then youre gone

In another garden growing so sweetly in an endless summer

Forgetting about me
wonder where you are who knows

In another bed I suppose, lying like a long stem rose

My long stem rose ..... /pre>

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