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Artist: Greenwood Lee
Greenwood Lee Author
Album: All Time Greatest Hits (2004)
Greenwood Lee - All Time Greatest Hits Album
Song Title: I Dont Mind The Thorns
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Come let me hold you for awhile,
All you have to do is smile
And I'm yours again
I may not like some things you do
But they're all a part of you
And you're my best friend

I don't mind the cold
When I have a fire to warm me
I don't mind the rain
Cause it makes the flowers grow
I can take the bad times
When you wrap your love around me
I don't mind the thorns when you're the rose

Stay, we can work the whole thing out
That's what loves about
And I understand
You didn't mean the things you said
They're so easy to forget
When you take my hand

(repeat chorus)

If it was anybody else
I would be gone
But you're so beautiful to me
Oh that I keep on holding on

(repeat chorus)

Well, I don't mind the thorns, when you're the rose...

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