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Artist: G/Z/R
Song Title: Drive Boy, Shooting
Genre: Metal: Heavy
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Mother man protect your son
They're killing children just for fun
Politicians, they eat the poor
Regurgiate, then eat some more

Back on black
White on white
There's only wrong
There is no right
One for one
And none for all
Piece no peace
And fuck you all

Deconstruction of the truth
Annigilation of our youth
Rotting in our self-pollution
It's just another drive boy, shooting

Back on black
White on white
There's only wrong
There is no right
One for one
And none for all
Piece no peace
And fuck you all

The politics of sin and greed
Are all you need to suck seed
Mother, man, father, clown
Drive boy's gonna shoot you down
Mother man protects your son
They're killing children just for fun

Our is to reason why
Theirs is just to steal and lie

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