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Album: F.T.T.W. (1999)
H2O - F.T.T.W. Album
Artist: H2O
Song Title: Found The Truth Within
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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do you remember when we were afraid?
crossing our fingers we'd turn out ok
no faith in the world cause we doubted ourselves
but in time, came to find the hard times had made us strong

now the fear in me is gone, found the truth within, i'm strong
only affraid of never knowing, all the things i could have never done

do you still feel all alone and betrayed?
kicking yourself for the mistakes you made
well it's time to stand up and set yourself free
the future is waiting while you search for what went wrong


i remeber all crazy shit we use to do
seemed like we were'nt afraid of anything
we were ready to take on the world,
not worried about our future at all
ah, fuck it we did that shit we were afraid
we were afraid our time was running out
we didn't think we had the same chances as the others had
well guess what? we were wrong


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