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Artist: Habits Delinquent
Habits Delinquent Author
Song Title: Here Come The Horns
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Here comes the horns...

(Verse 1)

Step back when I bring the swing
Like the american pastime
That alow deliver to stack up black night
Makin' all funky like a futa
Hang, four to you make more funky like a from free
Masta, blocked like a ketshup scream
Is so MB in sun llamas to you funk that grill
Is the same delificius at the radios' DJ
The fake at the album collection, lookin' lookin'
Rusia, puro delinquente session
From sun up to sun down on a heart is my pleassure
Put on maleta, now I can see you
Thinkin' to yourself, dam I wish like to be you
Wishin' we could be fool as harvest bit club
You pal never trust to mark wako back yard party
That is on town, is on town...
That grows like the weels
Can't loco with sprees
Marco Polo, ha, you can't see me
Ha, you can't beat me
Fool, is so easy
Delinquent Habits' little sun for the north
So sit back and freest youself...


Here Comes The Horns... (x 3)

(Verse 2)

Faullin' yourselves to bringin' mis rolas and we collect shit
You test a lot at your party, potion to blade this
It's all I got a bence so that the story estan it
Come in my side get the braise you need to stay braned
Yo, one of this story is part of something to happened
Some days of party enemy, don't feel the fool I cropped
So I just began to waisted because you ever tasted
Get up the gente hypnotic I got they last tasted
Some skin light man give me some psychedelic
Where all be drump and the shit, so pomp nigga smell it
They want fiesta, fiesta is what the habits give it
Rappin' and --- is solamente we wanna ripp it
You hit this tasted will you do to keep you suffer now
Mio-mine, some very wine probe a good time
They will do we though
And all the shit we do
Los delinquentes hoo....


(Verse 3)

El ritmo latino mas fino es lo que traigo
Tu estilo, no puede conmigo, ta muy amargo
Yo puedo mas facil contigo sin mis amigos
Te falta un poco sabor, yo te lo digo
Calmate cuate, yo tengo raz?n
Dime como quiere bronca con el mas ching?n
A mi me cae bien casi toda la gente
Si me cruzas boom te tumbo todos los dientes...
No se que menace is comin' is poppa si yo voy check it out
Fuckin' like a flame, my habits, watch out better bro
Comin' and they see me brazos de steel faction
I still clamin' kickin' lower eastside section
If moki wanna blood, fool your better brotha
Cuz it's checkin' a bro, proudin' con nigga brotha
Delinquent Habits' zoom at the north
So sit back and freest youself...


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