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Artist: Habits Delinquent
Habits Delinquent Author
Album: Merry Go Round (2000)
Habits Delinquent - Merry Go Round Album
Song Title: Sick Syde Drop
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Chorus 2X

This one goes out to big Duke and sick Jack

Sporty and them Street Platoon vatos sick syde's back

With the type of stuff they bumpin six-duce's and Cadillac's

The type of stuff that even if you ain't smokin it's all that


It's 'bout the most love the most hard most tatted

Most mind scarred most taken for granted

The most underated remain the most creative

Rip rhymes like Bobo bang drums the most faded

See this right here is for those who gon ride

Have my back no matter how many vatos is outside

And yes y'all we got alot of em high

From the East to the West but all the Sick Syde

We down to help B-Real keep the world stoned

That's why smoke spit up out boca and cloud zone

I had a dream that it help the ozone

And also relieve mi tension when not home



Yo delinquentes man yo battle stations neva the fast lane

You know the stye you know the sound you know the name

My lyrics fly like projectiles in many styles

I've been making ends cuz I had to since I was juvenile

Everyday angel everyday Angelino

And everyday I pray my family my homies and primos

Delinquent to what's tight like MC's to teflon

They been wrong my story's long still I'm singin my song

For two days in the Valley shows got rocked non-stop

Delinquente seleccion Sick Syde Realm Psyclone

The venue nicely packed the crowd got blown back

The chips was nicely stacked hats off to all them cats


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