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Artist: Haddaway
Haddaway Author
Album: The Drive (1995)
Haddaway - The Drive Album
Song Title: Lover Be Thy Name
Genre: Dance: Pop
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Lover, lover

Lover be thy name I say

Hey, hey, hey lover

Lover, lover

Lover be thy name

Everyday when the sun goes down

And all alone I face the night

I thinkof you and all that you've been

To me you've torn away a hole in my life

Don't try to be my sister, my mother, my friend

Cause it would never ever be the same

Hey, hey, hey

Lover be thy name

In the Middle of the night

Lover be thy name

In the middle of the night

Lover be thy name

Go live your life and I'll try live mine

But baby, if you see me out on the street

Walk away, turn away

Don'tlook in my eyes

Till I get my heart back on my feet

Don't wanna be your brother or the

Shoulder you lean on

Just to ease the burning pain

When I Call you there's no answer

When I had your love

I didn't know the words to say

Those words to make you stay

I should have said

Lover, lover

Lover be thy name

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