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Artist: Haggard Merle
Haggard Merle Author
Song Title: Gambling Polka Dot Blues
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Thought I was a gambler I broke every shark in town

Until I met a rounder who called all I put down

I put the cards on the table and he drew an ace high hand

He bet his watch and I called it and lost my money like a man

I've got them polka dot blues the polka dot blues

I lost my hat and my coat and my straight lace shoes

I sold my watch and went back to lose the mean old gambling polka dot blues

Got the gambling polka dot blues

[ guitar - dixieland - fiddle ]

My gal had plenty so I got Twenty then went back and sat down

I got a Four but I thought it was more as he dealt the cards around

He set the deck on the table and I bet him all I could stand

Well I turned over a measly Four he had another Ace-high hand

I've got them polka dot blues...

Got the gambling polka dot blues

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