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Artist: Hall Tom T
Song Title: Thank You, Connersville, Indiana
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I rolled into Connersville in 1961 with what was left of my last army pay

I had a letter with me from a buddy living there

He said you stop and see me if you're ever up this way

Need I say he was surprised to find me at his door

With what I guess you'd call a silly grin

He said where are you headed and I said I'm headed here

His Mama said don't stand there you'll catch cold just come on in

They gave me room and board I paid a very modest fee

Then I went looking for a place to play

If you've ever had a hat and didn't wear one then you'll know

The way a country singer made a living in those days

The menu printed on the window of the bar and grill

The man said we're too small to have a band

I said well I'll just pick and sing and pass my hat awhile

He said go right ahead but you just do the best you can

Well after seven hours of Cheatin' Heart and Wildwood Flower

I had me seven dollars eighty cents

I gave it to a waitress who was gonna have a baby

She said she needed just that much to help her pay the rent

[ dobro ]

Later on I formed a band and really hit the big time

Ten bucks a night for working at the time

We worked through winter gardens and some other choice nightspots

Looking back I have to say those were the good ole times

Summer came and me and old Mitch Mitchell fished White River

And caught those big ole juicy channel cats

Sometimes when I'm ridin' on the jet plane going somewhere

I get to thinking that I'd like to live a life like that

So thank you Connersville and thanks to you old Indiana

You took me in when I knew slimmer days

I won't forget you and I hope that you will not forget me

And you folks stop and see me if you're ever down this way

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