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Artist: Hammond Beres
Song Title: Cant Get Enough
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oooh this is heaven
believe me its heaven
oh its heaven

First let me explain that I'm glad
how things worked out...
for once I feel security and I know
what I'm all about

I can't get enough babe, can't get enough
I can't get enough of you, can't get enough

Of all the girls I've had before
There's none that can compare
a lot of them have been real wonderful
but I've never, ever been so near


If I want to describe you
the only book I can turn to
is the songs of solomon
'cause in its pages is where you belong
you're the sweet rose of sharon
lillys of cameron, your the
rock of gibraltar, the stormy morning after


Hey baby lets sail on, sail on
in a little bitty love boat
Lets row on row on
in a little bitty love boat

First let me explain that I am glad how things worked
out for once I feel security and I know what I'm all about


oooh this is heaven, beleive me its heaven
If I wanna describe you, the only book I can turn to
is the songs of solomon, cause in its pages is where
you belong, you're the essence of cinnamon,
smooth as oil of olay ,crisp as my breakfast cereal, home sweet
home material


Repeat hook

Can't get enough baby, can't get enough of you
can't get enough (to fade

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