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Artist: Handsome Devil
Song Title: Tonight
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Evening's upon us, and we're all alone
Fear and denial down to the bone
I'll give you my heart girl, baby hold on
I want to be near you when they drop the bomb
Tonight could be the last night of our lives
Don't waste no time all right
We can kiss before we die, baby
This kind of shelter can save us from rain
But doom is impending, I'll say it again
Love is our fortress, a beautiful place
I want to hold you, and stare at your face
They say that we're all fools
They don't understand
We're all going down together
In a crash, boom, bang
Tonight could be the last night of our lives
Don't waste no time all right
We can kiss before we die, baby
If it wasn't Doomsday, I'd still feel the same
There's something about you, it's making me stay
I want to share you girl, I want to give
But without you're loving, I don't want to live

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