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Artist: Hanson
Hanson Author
Song Title: A Minute Without You
Genre: Pop
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Well I woke up this morning
And the night had been so long
Seems that I had had my mind on you
Well the day, it has begun, and I can't get a minute, can't get a
minute without you
You're always on my mind, you're always in my head
And I can't live, I can't live another day without you
'Cause when the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days
Then a week goes by you know it takes my breath away
All the minutes in the world could never take your place
There's one-thousand-four-hundred-forty hours in my day
I've been trying to call you all day, 'cause I got so many things
that I want to say
I'm going crazy, 'cause all my thoughts are filled with you
There's got to be some way I can get through to you ohh

(Repeat Chorus)

I can't keep myself from thinking about you
It's because I love you, and I know that it's true, whoooa
I'll call it desperation, can't you see it in my eyes?
That I want be with you until the sun falls from the sky

Repeat Chorus

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