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Artist: Happy, Die
Happy, Die Author
Album: Supersonic Speed (2000)
Happy, Die - Supersonic Speed Album
Song Title: Happy Now
Genre: Alternative
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put me up
draw a letter on my skin
with your blood
scream it out loud
there is so much to laugh about
show me to everyone
with your finger pointing at my shame
make some stories up
I am the witch that you blame

all the misery you feel
you pass on to me

happy now
i am down on the ground
happy now
like you wanted

happy now
i am down on the ground
Are you happy now ?
happy now

beat me up
throw your rude insults against my face
you?re so sure
I am the worse piece of this human race
love can?t be forced as you know
your thought of revenge makes you blind
you wish me hell on earth
all those bad things are on your mind

all the misery you feel
you pass on to me

happy now
i am down on the ground, yeah
happy now
like you wanted

happy now
i am down on the ground, yeah
Are you happy now ?

let me go, let me go

in your pain you blame me
let me go and forget - and forget - me

happy now
i am down on the ground,
happy now
like you wanted

happy now
i am down on the ground, yeah
Are you
Are you
Are you happy now ?

I hope you?re really felling happy now

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