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Artist: Harmer Sarah
Song Title: Everytime
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i can't throw away my fears
up into the atmosphere
they race away at the rate
of the smoke and rust

look at all the poor bastards
gotta go to work while i sleep
steel town's lights keep on glowing
from smokestacks that keep on blowing
in my eyes, so i don't see it
close my heart, so i don't feel it

i can see it in your eyes
i can feel it on your size
they're not like either of us
at all

look at all the poor drivers
gotta go to work everytime

streams of headlights come flashing
on the hills tht we used for crashing
in my mind i don't see it
close my eyes, or i believe it

streams of headlights come shining
on wheels that we used for grinding
in my mind, i don't see it
close my eyes, or i believe it

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