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Artist: Harry
Song Title: Follow Me
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I was walking down the street just the other last Wednesday
A crooked man with a crooked hand grabbed me by mine
Shook me up
I'll take you away from this place
Where they never will find you
Don't listen to the man with the money in his hand
He comes disguised in honour and rags
He is your favourite nightmare
Talking behind your back
To punish those, whoever stands in front of him

Follow me
Down to the river
Follow me
To the shore
Follow me
I am your shelter
I'll be around

I was crawling round the bend just the other last Friday
A misread man with a mislead hand was in decline
Cooked it up
He took me away and they never will find me
Don't listen to the man who drives you insane
He wears diamond studded rings
He is your insecurity
Holding your hand
To give you those things, you never really need him

Follow me
Down to the river
Follow me
To the shore
Follow me
I am your shelter
I'll be around

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