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Artist: Harry Nilsson
Harry Nilsson Author
Song Title: Take 54
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Written by: Harry Nilsson
Vocals & Electric Piano: Harry Nilsson
Drums: Richie Snare
Bass: Klaus Voorman
Piano Nicky Hopkins
Guitar: Lowell George
Horns: Jim Price, Bobby Keys, Klaus Voorman
Percussion: Milt Holland
Sax Solo: Bobby Keys

It was take 54,
When she walked through the door
With the red light on it
I knew in a minute
If I wanted to get in it
Then I'd have to get on it--

I sang my balls off for you baby
I worked my fingers to the bone
I closed my eyes to get the high note
but when I woke up I was alone--
Baby, baby come back
I need you to make a good track--
Baby, baby come back
Baby, baby come back

Well I saw her today
Back in studio A
We were just gettin' started--
I sang for a minute,
She couldn't get in it,
I felt broken hearted--

I sang my balls off for you baby
I almost broke the microphone
I even sang the song that you wrote
But when I woke up I was alone--
Oh! Baby, baby, come back--
I need you to make a good track
Baby, baby come back
Baby, baby come back

High note--
But when I woke up I was alone

Baby, baby come back
I need you to make a good track
Baby, baby come back
B-b-b-baby come back

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