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Artist: Harum Procol
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Song Title: Salad Days
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(brooker / reid)

You come to me at midnight and say, its dark in here.

You know you robbed me of my sight, and light is what I fear

I tell you that I can not see but you persist in showing me

Those bangles that I paid for long ago

And though my face is smiling Im really feeling low

And though you say youre with me I know that its not so

Your skin crawls up an octave, your teeth have lost their gleam

The peaches snuggle closer down into the clotted cream

And for some unknown reason my watch begins to chime

And though I beg and plead with you, you tell me its not time

And though my face is smiling Im really feeling low

And though you say youre with me I know that its not so

The sun seeps through the window to see if were still dead

To try to throw some light upon the gloom around our bed

At quarter past the doorbell rings, the water faucet drips and sings

And still my reason will not rhyme, and still you tell me its not time

And though my face is smiling Im really feeling low

And though you say youre with me I know that its not so

You really know that its not so

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