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Artist: Haste
Song Title: Aspartame
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Can we get back to the time when everything was simple then? "The truth is..." she said. "I thought we'd won." Each night we lay in desperation. Always think of the right words when our conversation is through. Your words on that day, I remember them so well. Don't say it if it isn't worth it. The needle hasn't reached the forties since you've stopped coming 'round. I feel sick and I don't feel anything. The bottom is the best company I've found. Steady hands. Can you remember losing out but who has won? A two-year winter and moving on. Since you stopped coming 'round. Can we get back to the time when everything was simple then? Can we get back to the time? "The truth is..." she said.

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  • 1297
    "how can i begin? to tell you how i see this. just a name, a list, that has a greater meaning and it cries out from a heart thats still beating, i cant change that now, Gods hand, stealing, it cries out, a heart not beating its done, with now, and all for what reasons i cannot imagine how it mush have hit you can you hear my voice or what im saying to you? now your hands feel so cold do you even know how close you are to leaving? i stand with this knot in throat and you lay barely breathing now your hands feel so cold and it cries out....still crying out

  • A Chance For You To Prove
    "...if you could see how, though time ive wasted on, ill give you everything in time, i will, hold myself down, i will ive wasted on a chance for you to prove
    everytime i feel im bigger, realize i am the same, and youre knowing what im feeling
    but i think i should escape myself and watch it all slip by and youre knowing what im feeling..."
  • A God Reclaims His Throne
    "baptized by kilowatts and ohms, what's left is waiting.
    the embers rise like incense carry prayers for what is
    next to come. carry me on silver wings to meet with
    vulcan. to be forged anew and rise again above with..."
  • Brand New Opposites
    "When the ink is dry
    or at your death-bed
    you can damn your poison words
    It seems you have run out of regard..."
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    "Remember our worlds much younger
    focused on the goal and not the risks
    More years go by and the less we notice
    living in fear of any consequence..."
  • Cleanse
    "I, I just..this will be the last time
    if you leave I just want to fall...
    this will be the last time
    if you leave, I want to close my eyes..."
  • Confessions Of A Lesser Known Saint
    "Down the path of resistance
    I find myself stumbling
    Through my wants and my failures
    Weaker than the thrill..."
  • Dredge This Wound
    "I've been down, helpless, still
    I come here once again
    feelings lost
    extinction of what used to be..."
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