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Artist: Haste The Day
Haste The Day Author
Album: Burning Bridges (2004)
Haste The Day - Burning Bridges Album
Song Title: Breaking My Own Heart
Genre: Pop
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Left To My Ambitions I Find Myself Feeling
Short Of Breath And Losing Hope Again

When Will I Be Free
When Will I Feel Alive
I Am At My End And I Can't Breath

I Can't Breathe Everything I Do Is Useless
I Can't Do This On My Own I'm Fading
Too Many Times I've Left In Silence
This Time I Won't Give Up So Soon

Crying Out For Some Relief
I Keep Breaking My Own Heart
Giving Up On My Resolve
I Keep Trying But I Keep Failing
This All Seems So Familiar
I Think We've Been Here Once Before
Saying Sorry Once Again
Saying Sorry Once Again

I Can't Breathe Everything I Do Is Useless
I Can't Do This On My Own I'm Fading
Too Many Times I've Left In Silence
This Time I Won't Give Up So Soon

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