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Artist: Hatebreed
Hatebreed Author
Album: Perseverance (2002)
Hatebreed - Perseverance Album
Song Title: Hollow Ground
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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From nothing we have risen and from nothing we still rise

Take your life back
Fight, fight
Will you fight to take you life back?

Ask yourself what's truly yours in life
Are you in control or someone's slave?
All that you cherish, all that you love
In the blink of an eye can be taken from you
In moments of tragedy we bond
And in weakness clarity thrives
I've been blessed with the inspiration
To take what little I have and always strive

Sometimes surviving is all that you can do
I never claimed to have all the answers of the solutions
My satisfaction is knowing, that my desires will not be killed
With a readiness to defend what is mine and never compromise

The foundation of our lives
Built on hollow ground
We must unlearn the prejudice
We must unlearn the lies

I've seen the calloused
I know the jaded
I've been disheartened and I've lost control
But I never crumbled and I've lost control
And I always force myself to believe

(The foundation of our lives...)

Are you willing to fight?
Are you willing?

(Take your life back...)

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