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Artist: Hatesphere
Song Title: Preacher
Genre: Rock
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proclaiming eternal truths

and solemnly pointing at dim lit sky

preacher standing tall promising salvation

for those who wait

rectify the innate mind subdue the body

submit to a sense of guilt

suffer and be redeemed

his congregation hurting

from acting contrary to nature


close your eyes

fight delusions divine


we smell the lie on your breath

ability to sense the icons of stupidity

but in reality the heatless light can't be felt

(truth faded into the mist destroying the will to truly exist)

[lyrics missing from book]

now is the time for conflict

let mother nature strike back

revitalize the inherent life by carnal dogma

oh sapient one, this is not why I am

the truth is that no truth exist

stray from the penitential path of the sable figurehead

all living damn the preacher to see

(his horizon circled by mockingbirds forevermore)

proclaiming eternal truths

and solemnly pointing at dim lit sky

preacher will you tell us

how it feels not being alive?

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